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How to remove boat drain plug

Never reuse an old drain plug gasket. Generally there are two types of plug that I have seen. Is there a way to remove the drain plug without getting into the 4/5 feet of water ? The only other way I can envision is hanging upside down from the transom and trying to reach it. Really do not want to got through hassle of replacing hoses and who knows what else. I want to drain the old gas out. Owned a pontoon and just bought a 2005 gs211 and am trying to learn the boat. Drain Plug for AB, Caribe, Achilles, Zodiac, Avon Inflatable Boats, Transom, Expanding Flip-Up 7/8″ or 1″ $ 18. The paddle can be swivelled to one side to allow removal of the boat's drain plug. When was Row Lay in one 5×5” 6 oz. Upon removal of a vessel or other floating device from waters of the state, and before leaving the boat launch or parking area, the operator is required to remove aquatic plants and water drain plug(s). I am missing something? Thanks for your help. Use a sharp pointy pick and make sure to remove the old drain plug gaskets from the drain and vent holes. Comments. Newer style plastic threaded drain plugs used throughout most of Boston Whaler's current models. **IMPORTANT** Make sure and use a small screwdriver or piece of wire to clear the drain hole after removing the plug. Way to go Ranger! I think this is a great addition for those of us who have had to get wet, because we forgot to check to see if the plug was in, or not, while launching. Check the bilge drain hoses for leaks using water from a garden hose. Park the boat and put the drain plug back in. What do Newport Vessels boats look like in the water? I have a small drain plug leak; How to patch larger tears? How to clean my Newport Vessels PVC inflatable boat? Inflatable Boat Product Manual; What are my boats dimensions? How do I properly tow my inflatable boat? How do the air valves work? Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada? Drainzit oil drain hoses allow you to change the oil in your small, gas and diesel powered engines without tipping, dismounting, or modifying your engine in any way. A threaded rod with rubber and usually a flat threaded washer. Ease the pain of using an ordinary wrench to remove your boats drain plug. Use a bailer plug to fill the tube when draining is not desired and to prevent water from coming in. And I need to gain access to the drain so I can perform some maintenance on it. Designed to help prevent water from intruding upon your boat’s interior, this plug boasts a durable construction for long-lasting use. Use an open end wrench or a crescent wrench to remove the drain plug. I thought about this and after I get my drain operating, I should be able to install a tygon tube into the Block drain hole that is oriented towards the ground and drain it by just backing out the drain plug. I know that many newer pontoon boats have toons that have drain plugs welded into the bottom of the toons to allow water to be drained. Once you remove the cartridge, since the intake is below the water line, nothing keeps the water from flowing through the thru hull opening and into the boat (I think). Remove all drain plugs and put them in a place where they'll be easy to find when you're ready to bring your boat out of winter hibernation. Might try removing the plug an putting a spot light on the bottom of the toon. If the seal was still on the case it may have come off on your filling adapter. The drain passages often plug with rust or mud. I really want to remove all of the sediment as I an because I believe it is the culprit to some boating issue I experienced this summer with me losing power in choppy waves and me having to shut down my boat to let the dirt drain from the pick-up tube and the restart and run a bit more until it lose power again. Both the Lift and boat were damaged. Discount prices and fast delivery on marine and boat drain plugs and tubes and other boat pumps accessories from MarineEngine. I recently put my boat on a lift. 4. Another idea is to get a coupler with the same thread as the plug and attach a tube to it. Most engines have a sump plug which can be used to drain the oil, but boats being boats, there’s rarely room to access the plug let alone have a tray in place to catch the oil. After placing the drain pan below the lower unit, remove the lower screw. Get yourself a Dremel tool, with the thin cutting disc. Then remove the plug (Photo 3). If you can get to the plug at the top of the section that has the water in it you can remove the plug and put a small hose into the toon and start a syphon and drain the water out. You need to remove the carb drain plug to extract all of the fuel. Let it sit 10 to 15 minutes, then pour another pan of hot water down. How long do drain plugs need to be removed? A. The longer you wait to clean up spots the harder it will be later down the line to get them off. This will ensure total drainage when you are unplugging your drain plugs. After arriving at the launch ramp parking area, pull off to the side and disconnect your brake lights (hot light bulbs and plastic do not play well with cold water). Remove stains ASAP on fiberglass and upholstery. Boaters must remove drain plugs as boats leave the lake, which will help prevent the spread of existing aquatic invasive species within the lake. Allow the system to drain for a minimum of five minutes. I bought a "new style" drain plug from Sunfish Direct for my 1975 boat. A. 12 " long and is the main drain for the interior of the boat. Don't get caught without a drain plug wrench in your boat. Spray it on and let it sit for a little while. Original drain plug for the grady bracket should have been aluminum, (atleast the older ones were). Ranger addressed that issue with this nifty addition to their boats. Many other manufacturers have taken the same steps to no longer include drain plugs. I added a link to Sears Parts Direct with the oil drain plug looked up for you. Another thought would be to buy and modify another drain plug thru hull fitting to fit on the inside. Frozen water will expand and crack your engine. INstall a magnetic plug for extra protection. It should easily come off from the drain plug. No issues if the boat is out of the water on a trailer (no water to pour in!). The water in the strainer froze, expanded, and cracked the strainer. The best material is a flat plate of the same material the drain is. Remove the hose and quickly install the drain plug. There are various ways of installing the drain plug, depending on the type. Boats must still be drained if there is no drain plug (e. Buster Wrench introduces a custom made drain plug wrench that comfortably fits in your hand while removing the drain plug. And just lube or remove the plug on a regular basis. This will ensure the holes are not plugged with residue from the raw water. I don't know if that will remove all water or just most of the water. or with the boat upside down use a hack saw to cut several crossing cuts like cutting a pizza and chisel the sections off, or with the boat upside down come in at a shallow angle with a sawzal and whittle away at it. Removal of drain plugs while traveling will assist boaters in arriving at boat inspection stations clean, drained and dry. Sounds pretty simple, and maybe that's why a drain plug is truly The Root Of All Evil. the force of the impact wrench could very easily tweak the brass base and totally screw up the screw holes big time, since it's only held on by those 3 screws going into some wood. We were only out about 3 hours. . Cut a slot across the face and use a large slotted screw driver. The drain plug is part #690946. Re: brass transom drain tube, 1" diameter INSTALLATION Originally Posted by Thorne I like the drain in the front of the boat, as all my trailers have rolling swing-away jacks and can be lowered at the front for cleaning. Step 4 - Torque. Exhaust manifold removal. 1. This will allow air to flow into the lower unit, displacing the oil, and the remainder will drain out quickly. If you rounded off the drain plug, try a small pipe wrench, it should do the trick. If water should enter your hull, unscrew Remove the dipstick from the dipstick pipe on the boat’s motor. Moving to the stern end, wedge a block of wood between the prop and anti-ventilation plate, loosen the prop nut and pull the prop. Works great. Check here for special coupons and promotions. You may also need to remove the water pump hose to drain remaining water. Be sure that the boat is moving when you do this and that you can replace the plug quickly when the water is gone while the boat is still moving forward. By reading this web page you will be able to determine the correct replacement drain plug for your kayak. ✓ Yes,: I recommend this product   23 Nov 2017 It is important to remove the drain plug for winter storage because the water that makes it into the boat over the winter and in the early spring  A drain plug is a plug that is located at the bottom of your boat's transom. Not the greatest photo, but this will give you an idea of where to look for the drain plug Need some opinions on what to do. You want it to be a little snug and not loose, remove the plug and add more sheets of 6 oz. On larger aluminum and fiberglass boats the drain plug goes on the outside because of the presure from the wieght of the boat and sea and depth of the boat when she is in the water. However, this is a smaller hole and will take a while to drain and removing the plug can be faster. Launch a watercraft with prohibited species attached. If you look at the pic the top hole is for the engine well and is aprox. July 1, 2013 . Start with a low torque setting and work your way up. Never have to take out plug again. Change the filter and flush it out so that no water remains, then add the new oil. Any water or acids that have gotten into your oil can corrode the engine. Without the vent plug removed, the oil (and water, if present) should just dribble out. kinda hard to explain, but one side of the open end goes through the closed end. It still did not seem to go all the way in but I didn't want to force it. Oil will begin slowly draining out. Drain Plug Removal Made Easy. The one exception is for emergency response vehicles, such as boats used by law enforcement officers, only after the boats are drained. Drain plugs left out probably sinks more boats than anything else. Q. If there is room you can remove the drain plugs and insert a short extension and fitting. uk. By removing the drain plug, you avoid the risk of spreading an invasive species of mussel known as quagga, to other waters. You may have water hiding in this cavity that drains slowly. It is also normal for water to come out where the deck and hull meet if there is an excessive amount of water. In my boat, my plugs screw in and have a "T" handle on the outside. When using an oil extraction pump a little bit of old oil will remain. Since water’s viscosity is different than oil’s it will settle to the bottom of the lower end (beneath the oil) and will be the first thing that drains into the oil pan. The Bass Boat Solutions Flow-Rite Remote Drain Plug also  I purchased this as a replacement drain plug my boat. These are the three options I think would work. I can normally do the whole job in about 10 minutes. If water does not drain, remove the blue drain plug from the distribution housing and drain manually. Plenty of boats don't sink with those in the drain plug holes. Placing the plug in a half-up, half-down position, and turning it at that position in both directions. Drain plugs must be removed and water draining valves or devices in watercraft must be open the entire time that a watercraft is being transported. Step 3. you just want to make it longer to get more leverage. Not sure if it would work but would try that before drilling holes. Replace the spark plugs. If the threads do not match you can simply re-install with the new base. If there are any small amounts of metal debris or particular matter in the old oil, it shouldn't be a problem as the oil filter will trap them. fiberglass sheet at a time. This site features an exhaustive catalog of products in stock now on the the internet. 95 Expanding flip-up style drain plug measures 7/8" in diameter or 1" in diameter. It will probably fill with crudd and will have to keep removing the tube to clean it. 3 Mercruiser Engine. Kayak Drain Plugs: How To Replace, What They Are For, How To Use w/ Bilge Water Information by Tom Holtey A border-line insane amount of detail on this important kayak safety device. By this time you should have made sure the seal was on the plug, not on the gear case. Remove the drain plug. I think I have found the fault to be a multi pin connector in the harness. Cut the threads off the back of another for the outside piece so it seals to the hull and looks stock but thread the drain plug in from the back side out. Re: How Do You Remove The Drain Plug On FM165? On smaller aluminum boats the drain plugs with the handle on them can go on the inside. When the 5200 dries in a week it will never leak. Use a brass plug and put it in with a wrench around 20 foot pounds. it's a plastic connector, approx 30 pins. I have never before seen a recommendation to remove the freeze plugs (which are not "freeze plugs" in the first place, just plugs to fill holes from the casting process). How to Install a Drain Plug in a Pontoon Boat. I wonder why. A total of 5 plugs will need to be removed. The 2010 Minnesota Legislature passed a boat draining law that took effect on and live wells and bilges by removing the drain plug before  25 Products Keep your boat afloat with a selection of Overton's drain plugs. Remove and store your boat cover and stern straps. Keep water out of your kayak with the Pelican® Drain Plug Hull. Do NOT reuse the flushing lube. There are however several reasons why water may get into the boat and fixes are usually quick and easy. Then 5200 it and put new screws back in it. 00+. The new cork can be removed from the new base, and fitted into the old base. How to Clean a Boat Gas Tank: Protect, Drain, Vacuum, Refill. This is my second boat and I realize there will almost always be water collected and once you remove the drain plug at the dock to drain. Remove the drain plug located under bow rubrail and tip the boat up to drain. It's easier to get to once you've pulled your boat out of the water and you sure don't wanna take it out while your boat is in the water. Then, just apply some 3M 4200 or 5200 to some stainless screws, and fill the screw holes. remove the plug in the rear of the boat! and let it drain. The plug is attached by a screw to the shower tub drain. They are a semi-soft rubber type material and I didn't force them in too far, so they would remove easily. Buster Wrench in Riverside, CA, introduces the easy-to-use boat drain plug removal tool. Forgetting to put a drain plug in happens to all of us. Step 2 Insert the suction tube of the oil pump down the dipstick pipe until you feel it touch the bottom of the oil pan. Place a small, clean drain pan directly under the hub and rotate the hub until the hole is at the 6 o’clock position. How To Get Water Out of Your Boat. When inserted in the transom, it prevents water from coming back in. I am a relatively new boat owner. The bilge pump system failed (batteries probably) but anyway the boat filled up until it collapsed the lift. All Engines Remove both hoses from the Sea-water pump on the front of the engine. Also pick up a new drain plug from the dealer, if you get it out don't put the old messed up one back in. Water came in and the boat went down. Also if you collected some water in the bilges, just undo the drain while pulling up the ramp. Drain the fluid from your engine block and manifolds, water pumps, and coolers. What does the Aquatic Invasive Species Law require for draining boats and equipment? A. Start with removing the plug on the bottom of the outdrive near the prop draining oil into a pan. Cheat Sheet on How to Winterize Your Boat. Clean the plug with a wire brush, coat it with anti seaze and put it back in next time you go out. If the ceramic insulator is damaged or the electrode burnt away, you’ll need a new plug. We are committed to providing service marked by high standards of honesty and integrity. like super stuck. 2 ways, reach into the ski and bend it sideways and pop the plug out OR take the 2 screws off and remove the whole drain piece, install your new o ring and then re-install. I purchased 2 sea doo's in may and have launched both without screwing in these Engines, Motors, Fuel Tanks, and more. See image below. If it's like the drain plugs in my boat they are probably hard to get to, so I'm not sure if this will help much. Take care not to push too hard or you will break the tape on the outside of the hull. P65Warnings. Fishinmagician78. Use some silicon when re-installing for a good seal. To do this, I must plug off the livewell drain OUTSIDE of the boat!! This drain is located below the waterline and is on the side of the boat. If your boat has a drain plug and a smooth working engine then I recommend that you drive down a safe stretch of water and then pull the drain plug. Remove the spark plug with a socket. Very important: once the petcock plugs are removed, take a small screwdriver or piece of wire and insert it into the drain holes. Presenting Removing A Drain Plug in stock and ready for shipping today! To flush the drive fill the drive from the BOTTOM hole with enough lube to fill the drive and then let it drain out fully. Remove your hull drain plug while stored on land. I'm in agreement on both accounts Stumble. You can order from Sears Parts Direct or you can call 1-800-366-7278 and order it. My question is how can I clean it safely, remove any corrosion and then Once you remove the cartridge, since the intake is below the water line, nothing keeps the water from flowing through the thru hull opening and into the boat (I think). The purpose of the plug out is to share the regulation with Wyoming who we partner with. Stabilize gasoline with additives. Put one in a low point on your transom, prop the bow up and you can quickly clean your boat out, letting all the dirty water drain out. Hopefully your boat's cockpit drains water overboard and not into your bilge. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Run your engine on the garden hose with a good flushette to flush out any old salt water that might be sitting in the block and exhaust. Wipe down your boat, pull your plug, and drain all water from any places in your boat where it may accumulate each and every time they come out of an AIS-affected water. might be leaking. Had 12" of rain last month and I estimated 2000 lbs of water in the bilge. Also, add some two-cycle oil to the fuel along with the stabilizer. Standard garboard drain plug should be 1/2" pipe thread, (npt). Frequently Asked Questions: Boat Draining, Drain Plugs, and Bait Container Draining . With alot of people getting in and out of the water my boats tends to have some water in the  9 Jun 2011 A. Transport watercraft without removing the drain plug. If removing the shower drain cover doesn’t allow for the complete evacuation of the dreaded hair monster, there are other methods of flushing them out… Plastic Drain Clog Remover Tools for Hair These plastic tools look like extra-large zip strips with spikes, and work like a more inexpensive version of a pipe snake. When you remove this plug, water  Description. Most days, I ended the day by lifting the boat and removing the cleanout plugs. gov First, a note of caution, this process is simple, but if you don't do it right, and leave water in the engine, and freeze it, you WILL need a new engine/manifolds/ oil coolers etc. Look at the exhaust manifolds. It is a plug on a cable like a throttle/emergency brake cable with a lever in the transom are to operate it. Don't you love it when a simple job turns into a much harder job? I went to change my oil today and the drain plug was on much tighter than I remember putting it last time, after a couple good tugs with a box wrench I felt something move but it was too late and the head was partially rounded off. The bottom hole is aprox. This is a plug that is able to adapt to that law since it is automatic and you do not have to worry about remembering to remove or replace the drain plug each time that you go in and out of the water. if you don't have a drain plug,you will need to get a bilge pump. Use a socket head plug to finish. Re: mercruiser drain plugs. It cuts into the stripped head, and then you use a wrench to unscrew it as normal. It could be from the drain plug or it could be from a cracked hose in the live well system or from a loose hose clamp. The gear lube will form sludge in the bottom after a couple of years. One hole, on each side of the bilge slump, at the same level of the factory slump drain in the transom and install garboard plugs and drill, thru the stringers, all the way up to just past the furthermost point of the last screw in the deck, toward the bow which is about 12-14 ft. Step 2: Remove the cleanout plug with a hacksaw Photo 4: Cut out the old section Use a reciprocating saw and a metal-cutting blade to cut out the fittings and the pipe leading to and from the cleanout wye or tee. Use brass pipe and fittings. Maybe I should just fix it and not remove the plug and just pump the bilge out each trip. Changing the gear oil in a differential can be quite the task without a drain plug. Fits all Pelican Kayaks except the Argo 80. It sits outside and it rains or snows depending on conditions. When I bought my boat in May, the drain plug was already installed by the It is possible to get down there and remove the nut and reinstall. It is best to take a good close look at your kayak first. Unfortunately, my toons do not have plugs available to drain the water out. Locate the lower and upper drain holes, which will be plugged with a screw. Allow unit to drain, then move drive to full tilt down position. Never use a pvc plug in a boat! Always take the plug out after using the boat and you will never have another problem. Remove the hoses from both exhaust manifolds and visibly ensure complete drainage from each manifold. , using pumps, sponges, or turning over small boats and canoes). Maybe more unfortunate is the fact in each case, the boat didn't have to take on water at all. As illustrated in the picture below Marine Power engines have a total of 2 drain plugs (blue or silver colored) , 2 engine block plugs (knock sensors) and 1 transmission cooler plug. Why is removing your boat plug a must? Recently, most states have made it mandatory that you remove your drain plug when the boat is on the trailer and before you leave the launch area. A missing drain plug that is used to close off the cockpit drain when launching is responsible for 12% of trailer boat sinkings (and this usually occurs at the ramp). Emergency Drain Plug Best Photos PrimagemEmergency Drain Plug Best Photos PrimagemBetts Manhole Emergency Drain PlugsSpill Source Flowstop Hazmat Storm Drain Inflatable PipeSline Marine Garboard Emergency Drain Plug W Key Ring OrangeSta Plug Emergency The That GripsEmergency Drain Plug Best Photos PrimagemHow To Remove A Stripped Oil Drain Plug ScannersThis Could Save Your Boat In An… Removing Boat Plug While on Plane Posted by Shexter on 5/9/14 at 2:00 pm 1 0 For those of you young OBr's that don't know, if your aluminum boat ever fills with water, just pull the drain plug while the boat is running. Be sure to seal the edges of the hole with epoxy resin. Never worry about removing your boat drain plug again! The Bail R Matic is able to not only drain the inside of your boat from the unwanted water, but it can also help to seal the drain tight while you're out on the water riding around, fishing, swimming, tubing etc. 4) run a tap through the holeto clean out what is left of the plug and clean the manifold threads. co. This is an older motor so buying a new case is out. 14 Nov 2011 This is a drain plug. The holes will let water drain out of the cavity between the layers of the hull when I fully tilt the boat up on the trailer. Most likely places where water can enter inflatable boat are through the one-way drain valve or over the side. If you do have an older pontoon boat with drain plugs, then can become corroded (mainly due to salt water) and you won’t be able to take them out to let water drain away. We Tackle the important task of putting in your drainplug to ensure you have the best summer ever! Shoreline Marine presents "Captain Weekend", Loye Futch, a 25 year veteran of the marine industry and professional boat mechanic, who will show you how to choose and install the right drain plug. This is my first boat and I'm not really sure what to do here. Boat Drain Plugs & Scuppers. Drain out the current coolant, then flush with water. PB Blaster is good stuff. Finally a drain plug wrench made specifically for boats. Marinas typically keep the drain plugs out, however, if your boat is on a trailer, it’s a good practice too keep the drain plug out. Removing the Siphon Tube from the Gas Tank With all of the gas drained from your tank, you are ready to install your new fuel filter , or put in a new fuel sender , or just replace the entire fuel tank . If your kayak is outfitted with a drain plug base plate it is best replace a lost cork by purchasing it with a base plate. I assume that you mean that you stripped the drain plug itself and not the threads in the block. The Bail R Matic is able to not only drain the inside of your boat from the unwanted water, but it can Never worry about removing your boat drain plug again! 11 May 2009 [Archive] Drain plug removal General / Other. Once the plug itself / the shaft is out you are ready to remove the sleeve / bearing. I have to push the lines/cables out of the way in front of the motor, unscrew and open the round portal door, reach down and put in and to take out. And, yes, it is impossible to hang onto the wheel and pull or replace the plug in the rear, unless you have VERY long arms. I am new to the boating world and have a 14' aluminum boat with a 9. You do not have to add a lot of force to turn it. If that doesn't work, Impact wrench it off like a lug nut. I replaced the drain plug but it is still leaking. Dual batteries and dual bilge pumps. When the boat is on the trailer put the plug in an get you garden hose and start putting water in the boat. You could also pay someone to do it for you. 3) Start with a small drill and work your way up to the larger size when you are just starting to reach the threads in the manifold. The weeds on a trailer could be contaminated with evasive species larva. fiberglass as needed until it is snug. That is one of the plugs you remove to winterize. This is a drain plug. It was actually in, but after looking at it instead of a through hull fitting. But why drain it off, its more usual to run the engine on a hose to flush it, then connect a funnel and hose to the water muffs, and mix up a couple of buckets 50/50 water antifreeze and pour this in until it comes out of the exhaust and shut down, then its protected against frost and corrosion. Draining the gear oil includes pumping the oil out, as in a boat engine, or completely removing the heavy center section. One of the drain *** in the bottom of the boat. Additional thing I do is to grind down the edge/end of the blade taper until the width of the tip fits super snug into the drain screw slot then put a small adjustable wrench on the square shaft and turn. Recheck your drain plug and turn your blower on. The levered valve inside the bilge is probably your live well drain. It gets water in the bilge. Shop our variety of Boat Drain Plug now. You can see a photo of a rusted drain plug below. The base is your ace in the hole. When removed from the bottom of your boat's transom, water drains out. So I have a questions about the 2 drain plugs in the back of the seadoo. I did tie a small rope to the drain plug and also to the boat figuring if it ever did fall out I wouldn't lose it. Next, remove drain plugs. Remove the water-pump hose from the bottom of the water pump to let it drain completely. Next, apply some silicon lubricant or Vaseline on the O-ring and attempt to slide it off. 17′ Montauk Boat Cover. Pedal Boats. The pan's threads will expand loosening the plug. If the bottom was heated it might aid in the evaporation of the water. Boat scuppers are an important part of allowing the water on deck and in your cockpit to escape overboard – in addition to keeping debris from clogging your hose. Step 3: Insert Your New O-ring and Replace the Plug. You can place a small screen over the open hole to prevent pests frvom entering and colonizing your bilge while you’re away. STEP 5 Drain the seawater section of the cooling system. Some engines have a pump fitted to remove the oil, or you can buy a pump to allow you to extract it from the dipstick hole. Shopping for drains for your boat? Great Lakes Skipper has great discount prices on boat drains, cockpit scuppers, boat floor drains, boat cleat drain housings, boat drain covers, marine drain tubes, and many other drains and drain parts from Perko, Stratos, TH Marine, Attwood, and more. Yet, despite my best efforts, I cannot unscrew this thing. • Down the ramp. How to Locate the 4 Drain Plugs on a 4. Tub drain stoppers are difficult pieces to remove and WD-40 won't help ease open any screws. Your engine's service manual should give the winterizing proceedure. For hard water spots, pick up a bottle of Meguiars Hard Water Spot Removal to tackle this problem. Just make sure the fitting won't interfere with any hoses or parts when the engine moves. Remove the drain plugs (or the hoses) for the exhaust manifolds, power steering cooler (Photo 4), oil cooler (if equipped) and block drain plug(s); Photo 5. When I needed to rinse the deck I just pulled the plugs and let it drain. Note that the benefit of removing the drain plug and draining the oil is that you get out almost all of the old oil. My hull has a step down below the transom so you may have to look under the boat to see it. It was easily customized for what I needed and does exactly as it should. Doubles as a means to drain excess water by removing plug. I found the gas tank plug but I'm not sure how it comes out. Make sure your Drain Plug is secure and the rubber gasket is not cracked or dried out. The drain plug is on the inside of the boat. Back the tap out frequently in order to remove as many metal shavings as possible. I ask cause what if I have a defective bilge pump the I keep on "auto". 9hp motor. Free next day delivery on eligible orders for Amazon prime members | Buy boat drain plug on Amazon. Some owners prefer to run the engine on a 50:50 solution of antifreeze, using a hose and a bucket (above the level of the engine). When the plug is removed and the paddle lies in front of the drain opening, if the boat is launched without replacing the drain plug, the inrushing water will move the paddle so as to close the microswitch and actuate an alarm. Removing my plug really is a problem! My bilge isn't working. Trying to find a link for you Propping the drain plug upwards with my finger and turning it both directions (like you would do to a screw that spins in its place in a wall). You have to drill it out from the top. Older motors usually have brass drain plugs. Right to the point. Results 1 - 40 of 53 Conversely, boat drain plugs are important in keeping water out of your boat, while still allowing you to remove the drain to empty standing  Safeguard information about your G3 boat by recording the Hull Identification Number (HIN) and the To drain that livewell, simply remove the drain plug. Removing drain plugs. Remove flanging tool and fixtures once flanging is complete Here's pictures of a new plug. I apologize for this picture, it was the best one I had showing the transom of my boat (which is just a longer version of your boat). Locate the two blue drain plugs attached to it, one on the starboard and one on the port side. Your best bet is to heat the plug itself bright orange to near yellow hot, and then let cool. Unfortunately, draining the gear oil does not let all the fluid out and can lead to heavy Order Marine - Drain Plugs for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Drain the water from the hoses. that sucker is done. IF the cable fails you would have to push it in manually like the normal plug and remove with a pliers from outside the boat. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can remove a tub drain stopper yourself. Here is your typical use of a drain plug. Still might need to use heat. After cleaning any bilges, protect them with a coating of moisture displacing lubricant and a little antifreeze. Last resort, there should be three screws holding the housing to the fiberglass, which can not be rusted into place. Ensure that your boat is as level as possible. Here is the wording of the plug out section: H. With the oil drain plug stripped that badly, all you can do now is get one of those bolt removers you hammer on (gently). Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. You'll have to replace the plug. There are lots of boating checklists out there. Take the drain plug out of the boat before you transport it, to make it lighter. thanks "E" I recently put my boat on a lift. Now the boat always leans to port when under power due to the weight. Bail-R-Matic - AUTOMATIC Boat Drain Plug - Never have to remove - Boating 713757260619 | eBay Marine Products is one of the leading suppliers of wakeboards, water skis, boat parts, and other water gear in Utah and the country. I've checked some of the repair websites but haven't seen much on drain plugs. Option 1: have the hole welded and re-tapped for the plug Option 2: tap to a bigger plug if possible Option 3: have the plug welded in and forget about it. A bullet proof install with a plywood backing plate, is to taper the edges of the plywood on all sides (45 degrees or more) to lower stress risers and bond to the hull shell, with thickened epoxy. These drain tubes are brass and aluminum making them corrosion resistant and have a 90-degree flange. If it fell out it is no different than losing your standard plug. Slide drain tube/ bolt assembly into the drain hole; Slide the O-ring and remaining fitting over drain tube end and insert the fitted flange fixture; Place brass washer and then steel washer over the bolt; Attach flanging nut and firmly tighten nut onto bolt until a proper flange is bent into the drain tube. Second up on the list is a hunk of plywood. Your drain being filled in, might be an inconvenience on a rare occasion, but you can work around this, with some added comfort about filled holes. Do not use a socket to remove a square headed pipe plug. West Marine. These are usually located in the engine block and manifold. Getting it off and installing it on the plug now waste time, and clean oil that is draining out. lol Keep water out of your kayak with the Pelican® Drain Plug Hull. Back your trailer down the ramp until your outdrive contacts water. Then fit it on the drain plug and ensure it is completely within the provided groove. Coat the plug with anti seaze every two or three trips. Drain plug is not fully inserted. It is very common for the drain hole to be partially blocked with sand or debris that prevents complete drainage. The hull drain plug stops water infiltration and is used to drain the water out of the inner hull of your boat. Step 2. If the boat is at the dock, just pull the plug under the drivers seat, with nobody in the boat it should drain dry. Boat Drain Plugs & Scuppers Boat scuppers are an important part of allowing the water on deck and in your cockpit to escape overboard – in addition to keeping debris from clogging your hose. I have never removed it in 7 years ownership, it doesn't leak at present so am leaving well alone. Then you left the boat with the seacocks open. Draining your boat is a cinch with the handy Buster Wrench. Find your boat drain plug easily amongst the 35 products from the leading brands (Eval TD-500 allows draining from outside by removing the square-drive . The only way to know for sure is to dig in and inspect the hoses and pumps yourself. com. Arrive at lake access with drain plug in place. My boat is on a lift and it is almost impossible to reach the drain plug without going in the water. Bail-R-Matic - AUTOMATIC Boat Drain Plug - Never have to remove - Boating 713757260619 | eBay There is a vent tube on top near the end and there is a screw-in plug also a tire stem fill valve. Next, remove the upper screw. Moeller Drain Tubes are designed to allow water and fluids to flow out. I used epoxy resin on mine. Previously, I trailered. Protect: When cleaning your boat tank, the first thing to do is protect yourself and the area you are working in. Consult your engine manual for the location of drain plugs. When inserted in the transom, it prevents water  BOAT MARINE BEACH COOLER LIVEWELL NYLON DRAIN PLUG 1" SCREW IN Bail-R-Matic - AUTOMATIC Boat Drain Plug - Never have to remove -. Boat is located in Corning so looking for somewhere reasonably close to do the repair. There is a hole there, one hole per manifold. If a boat does not have a drain plug can you get a ticket for not removing it? A. From outside of the boat, the bronze drain tube is in good condition, but it only runs 3 inches into the boat. You must remove your drain plug in most states before trailering your boat. We recommend leaving the plugs out while transporting the boat or performing other maintenance to ensure that all water is drained. My guess is, two of your plugs belong there. Secure the drain plug (lubrication may be needed) after draining. If it is 20mm dia replacement plugs or complete housing/plug are available from HR Parts. 7 Feb 2013 Shoreline Marine presents "Captain Weekend", Loye Futch, a 25 year veteran of the marine industry and professional boat mechanic, who will  This Drain Plug is ideal for boat transoms, fish wells, bait tanks, water tanks, coolers, ice chests or almost any application where a positive sealing drain plug is  Items 1 - 30 of 129 Boat Drain Plugs - Since 1998, iboats is the most trusted water lifestyle online store for boat parts and accessories, boats for sale, and forums. Related products. Reach in and replace the plug before you get back into the boat. So far things seem OK to my novice eye but I can not seem to get the drain open. Option 1: have the hole welded and re-tapped for the plug. Keeping the drain plugs out of your boat is also a good idea. Remove battery before draining your boat. Stuck oil drain plug. Take it out like suggested and heat it or put it in a vise and remove the plug. Clean your boat and apply a thin coat of rust inhibitor on the metal hardware and on your steering and control cables. Transport the boat to your house, and place bricks over the front so Eddie shows us how to remove a boat from the water in this video tutorial. To refill the outdrive with oil it must be refilled from the bottom at the drain plug, not the vent plug. How To Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage. Just a matter of actually being able to get the screw driver on the plug. Then start the engine and clean the cooling system by flushing it with fresh water. If the boat fills up with water, the added weight can negatively affect the way it sits on your trailer or dry-rack. Remove the dipstick from the dipstick pipe on the boat’s motor. Moeller Drain Tubes. Can anybody tell me how to remove the gas tank plug? BMW Automatic Transmission Pan + Filter + Gasket + Drain Plug ZF OEM 24117571217 Review Re: Square Head Drain Plug Removal Unfortunately, he has already ripped the heads up with a vice grips. They also make hand pumps that can suck the water out. Lower unit drain plugs I changed my gear oil last night and I thought I was gonna straighten out the screwdriver slot on the upper drain plug before I could get it out. What You Should Have Done: Close the seacock and open the strainer's drain plug to empty it of water. This is what comes out of the hull drain plug at the end of a trip. I just got a 1992 GSX that has been sitting for a few years. What, if any, is the correct way to install your drain plug? I figured that if you installed it from the inside, if it were to fall out you won't lose it. Could even be a crack in the hull. Pull a drain plug and visit a hardware store. Release bait into the water. Pry out the pieces, clean up make any repairs and install a new sleeve. On the real stubborn ones I have had luck sucking the oil out via the dipstick and using a torch to heat up the pan. I was told to get the rubberized plug that screws in to tighten. You might try soaking any exposed threads in penetrating oil/WD-40 for a few days and tapping it lightly with a hammer. Posted August 18, 2016. Sportsman this past weekend. This is my problem; some water gets stuck on the port side of the hull and has accumalated over time, as it does not drain out. Transport aquatic plants, zebra mussels, or other prohibited species on any roadway. If not, clean out any carbon deposits and check the sparking gap matches the recommendation of the engine manufacturer. Some are brass wingnuts. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. This may loosen the drain plug enough where you could use an easy-out to remove the plug. I have a question about drain plugs if anyone knows. Crank engine momentarily to expel any water trapped in vertical drive water pump and cooling passages. For more information go to www. Before you insert the new O-ring, apply some silicon lubricant or Vaseline to it. thanks "E" Motor Matters. I cannot put a plug in the other end (in the bait well) because there is no bronze tube (when I stick my finger in that opening, I feel foam). I would like to install (weld) in some drain plugs. a major pain and I get dirty all the time. The year is clear from the serial number stamped on the transom. good luck should not be a big deal. On the underside of the legs going back, at the back of the engine mounted manifold there is a flat spot facing the back of the boat. But how much is too much? The dock was too busy this weekend to sit there and time it but there was a solid stream coming out. Cleaning out your boat’s gas tank means working with flammable materials and deadly gas fumes. #2-The neighbors lift collapsed with a 28' Cruiser on it. Note: Do not over-tighten, this will cause drain tube to split. The 2013 Iowa Legislature passed changes to the Aquatic Invasive Species Law regarding the draining of water from boats and equipment that took effect on Boaters leaving Lake Tahoe must remove drain plug. If you have a bilge pump (which on Yamaha skis will only operate when the engine is running), just put the drain plug in and let the pump remove the water, and keep on riding. It is a standard size drain plug that you remove from the outside with a wrench. Your Drain Plug's primary use is to assist in keeping your kayak dry. The drain plug is located directly behind the drive at the lowest point of the hull. Underwater boat LED drain plug lights transom led lights boat lights led lighting wakesurfing wake boat wetsounds ocean led night lights mastercraft malibu I was instructed by the plumber about six months ago on how to remove the plug when he installed it. Tip the trailer up (so it drains well) and place a bucket under the hull drain plug. Its in the very center tucked under the transom a little on the lowest part of the keel. The invasive species need water to survive, no water no survival. Don't forget to remove the gear lube monitor (if equipped) and clean it. Conversely, boat drain plugs are important in keeping water out of your boat, while still allowing you to remove the drain to empty standing water as Place the plug at the 12 o’clock (straight up) position, and use a 3/16 Allen-head socket to remove the plug (3) The Oil level (4) should be visible at the bottom of the threaded hole. So I removed the plug & put it in back in. Don't know if it would work. This can cause the engine to rust and lock-up over the winter period. wal-mart has a good selection of them and they are cheap. Did this but the pump(I guess bilge) was pumping water out of the boat the entire tip. If you have wrenches, put the closed end on the drain plug, and wedge another wrench's closed end into the 13mm wrench's open end. Livewell drain leaks, and I have decided to make this a storage area instead of a livewell. Both have a similar "insert" into the transom. Today, I forgot to remove them and so they are still in -- most likely with a bit of water on top of each -- and the manual clearly states that if you don't want them to stick you should remove them every time. Plumbers have specialized tools to remove the drain stopper, but if you want to do it yourself, there's a makeshift way [source: Vandervort]. An impact wrench would be great if it was a threaded hole into a metal block of some sort, but putting an impact to the drain plug of a boat to where the base that holds the plug is held in with 3 little screws which sink through a thin layer of gelcoat and then into some wood would not be a good idea imo. I remove the drain plug after a using my new to me 17 ft. Hoping to find some advice. If it still won't come out, try applying a little heat with a torch. For even better results, if you have a drain plug or stopper (even a rag is better than nothing), immediately put it in the drain hole and hold it in place so that the soda and vinegar mix expands down the hose and not just up into the sink. Transport water from Minnesota lakes or rivers. Lubricate the impeller with Vaseline and store it in an air-tight bag. I have a 12v dc system on my boat. I put the plug back in after everything was dry & the plug seemed to not go in as easily as I thought it would. Not sure which boats this size plug would fit since I'm sure over time there are different drains used but I used the Ocean Kayak Medium plugs. With no bilge pump, you have to get it out of the water, drain it, etc. Step 1: Change your oil. As a new boat owner I just wanted to make sure you new exactly how your plugs were supposed to go in. So blocking off the intake will keep water from pouring in once you unsnap the cartridge. Also use the magnet to remove the shavings as you go. Do not use extreme torque to seal the pipe plug properly. Option 3: have the plug welded in and forget about it. The electrode of a healthy plug should be a brown or grey colour. ca. When you find the one that is leaking just loosen it up and put a little silicone around it. My neighbor's boat broke the cross rail on their lift due to the weight. g. Conversely, boat drain plugs are important in keeping water out of your boat, while still allowing you to remove the drain to empty standing water as needed – This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Shop Removing A Drain Plug available for sale today on the internet. A wide screw driver will work too. (This outboard has two holes on top, a vent and a level check) the stripped one is the vent and only slightly higher than the level check plug so would it really matter Remove both vent plug (D) and drain plug (E) on starboard side of pivot housing. Useful if you wash out the inside over winter to remove salt or drain water tanks into bilge. “Going through the steps to prevent the spread of AIS is easy and should become as routine as securing your boat to its trailer,” said Bergersen. Replace the whole housing and plug with a new one and make sure to seal with 5200. As many others have posted, my toons also take on water each year. A lot of laws require that the plug be removed when the boat is leaving the lake and the drain has to be open until you're able to safely launch the boat in the water. That means no more crawling around on your hands and knees to install or remove your drain plug. Buster Wrench offers an accessible boat drain plug wrench that's more comfortable and quicker to use. I read recently that many states have laws saying you cannot trailer a boat with plug in. Just a quick question to see who here has removed the drain plug on the tinny while moving to drain the water. Occasionally the residue will be so severe, no water will come out when you pull the petcock plugs. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETELY IN UNDERSTANDING O This weekend I almost sank my 26' Twin Vee thanks to a faulty drain plug. remove the plug to allow air into the drive case and allow the oil to drain faster. It is greasy in there and i didn't help the cause spraying wd40 thinking it would because the voltage/short increases. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Yeah, drain plugs (any type) are best installed from the outside of the boat. 3 " long. The flexible hose allows for easy draining into an oil disposal container. Here are some ideas for keeping your MasterCraft looking like new: 1. Always wanted to try but not crazy on it. On four-cycle engines, the main jets in the carb are so small that even a tiny amount of fuel left in the carb can gum them up. I just got this 'free' boat and am trying to figure it all out. Retlaw. Push the filler plug into the hole. It appears to be brass and well oxidized, located on teh deck near the edge at about the middle of the boat. No, there is not a state law that requires a drain plug. Looks like the valve stem broke off for some reason and the ice and snow weighted the pier with a john boat sitting on top of the pier caused the tube to emerge the valve steam blow the water and it sunk. particular styles or brands of drain plugs. Removing a corroded drain plug isn’t a quick task but can be done. We offer competitive discounted pricing and world class service on the boat products you need to stay safe while enjoying your favorite water sports. Option 2: tap to a bigger plug if possible. 2. Unused thru hulls are a potential leak source and should be dealt with, when practical. So you go through an inspection with the drain plug removed. Remove the raw water pump impeller from the pump housing. It is too big I took my boat out the other day and noticed it is leaking around the drain plug. If you suspect that your exhaust is bad and possibly leaking water back into the motor have the problem repaired before storing the boat. For outboard engine maintenance: First, make sure all drain holes are open. ALWAYS use new gaskets and o-rings on drain, fill, and vent plugs and dipstick fittings and plugs, along with new gaskets and seals for mounting the drive back on the boat. Step 2: Refresh the coolant system. #1-a 33' High performance boat on a lift with the drain plug installed. Drain the Engine (for inboards and stern-drives) Locate and open the petcocks (some engines have bronze plugs similar to bilge plugs) underneath the manifolds and on the sides of the engine block. Move to your engine and locate the cylinder block. Obviously there is nothing you can do about the water over the side except slow down. Remove the hose from the poser steering cooler and visibly ensure that it drains completely. Boat is a early 70's Whaler that I am rebuilding. Step 1. Thanks Boat Floor Drains, Covers and Fittings. 30 Ways To Sink a Boat { and 29 to prevent it }. Older boats have smaller diameter, and are not available. Once the plug is removed, locate the vent plug. I am at a point where I will need to install new drain tubes in the transom. Place the drain plug back into the radiator. "Install drain plug" is usually the first item. to allow any water to drain out that may be trapped between the stringers. I finally got it, but dang that thing is that hard every year. Remove the plugs from both the port and stbd side of the engine block. Hop in the boat and start draining near the top of the engine. Drainzit hoses are custom-designed to be easy to use and install. You may want to pull the screws, and remove the unit, and hopefully Crestliner still has the 1" ID metal tube in place to allow the use of a standard plug. Underwater boat LED drain plug lights transom led lights boat lights led lighting wakesurfing wake boat wetsounds ocean led night lights mastercraft malibu KNOW THE LAW: You may not…. And the narrow screw drive may not even be necessary, if the broken plug has a jagged edge left. Make several cuts through the sleeve and the outer collar using a hacksaw and cold chisel or die grinder. It is not a check valve. how to remove boat drain plug

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